60 Minute Massage


Therapeutic Massage

Chakra Align


Electromagnetic Aura Cleanse and Alignment sequence. 

75 Minute Massage


Therapeutic Massage

Natal Chart Interpretation


Astrological Natal Chart Reading

90 Minute Massage


Therapeutic Massage

Intuitive Guidance 


Tarot as Mind Mapping Tool

120  Minute Massage


Therapeutic Massage

1:1 Yoga


Private customized Yoga  Instruction

stress releif Express 


60 minute Head, neck, shoulder,s and foot massage.

Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Cleanse


We travel the chakras using singing bowls and mantras as we relax into a meditative state.

Thai Massage


Acupressure and passive release techniques. 

Book A party or workspace


3 hr minimum. $75/hr

Mobile Massage


Massage at home!

Couples or 4 handed


Two clients w two therapist or one client w two therapists