Sacred Roots​​​​
Bath, Michigan
Celebrate the Healing Power of Nature
Sacred Roots is committed to promoting the health of our clients, our community, and our environment.  We offer a variety of services including: floral design, landscape design and maintenance, farm and  community garden consultation, massage therapy, and weekend getaway packages.  We also sell our home-made natural soaps and custom made magnetic therapy jewelry.
Floral Design
Every event is custom designed specific to your personal style and is a reflection of your personality.
Focus on breath and posture reduces the effects of both physical and mental/emotional stress. In an increasingly chaotic world, taking time for self care is fundamental to personal and community health. 
Add property value, energy efficiency, or therapeutic qualities  with an attractive landscape.  Add a vegetable garden, fruit orchard, or edible landscaping for sustainability and health.
Massage Therapy
Relax and rejuvinate your mind, body, and soul with the skilled hands of a massage therapist. 
Check out our partner Anew Moon. Servies Include;  yoga, massage, life coaching, workshops, reiki, and more ​​

Health and wellness services are located  at;
Anew Moon
Yoga and Wellness Center
200 State St,
Mason, Mi 48854

(303) 726-9967
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